The ESIA is the leading European network of Strategic Intelligence advisory firms.


About the ESIA

The ESIA consultancies deliver a comprehensive range of services that corporations need to mitigate risk while operating internationally.

The ESIA is a unique organisation that helps clients to solve their most challenging research questions and delivers tailored research-based solutions and advice, to the highest standards of quality.

The ESIA is known for the quality of its services and its reputation for excellence.

It has pioneered a uniquely collaborative approach to finding innovative research and analysis solutions to clients’ international corporate development problems. This is done by gathering together in dedicated teams country, industry, functional and technical experts to solve clients’ issues.

Today, the ESIA is also the European benchmark for Strategic Intelligence.

It unites the services required to answer the large challenges that corporations face when they want to grow abroad; or that governmental and financial institutions face when they conduct due diligence regarding overseas partners or borrowers of finance.


Logo Alliance
  • The ESIA is an alliance of expert consultancies in their respective fields of strategic intelligence and risk management, joining forces.

    You will find within this group the multiplier effects of collaborative teams, the synergies of shared capabilities and cutting-edge thinking and methodologies that enable the ESIA to deliver top-quality solutions to clients’ needs.

  • The ESIA has established a unique selection process for qualifying and recruiting its members, enlisting only the most competent organisations in their fields.

    In this way, we have within our group cutting-edge methodologies and expertise, and decades of experience working with major international organisations. Much like international networks of law firms, the ESIA brings together top experts in their own fields and enables cooperation between consultancies to better serve corporate clients’ multinational, multi-industry and multi-faceted strategic intelligence and risk management problems.

  • Established from a vision of the European leader in strategic intelligence, ADIT.

    The ESIA brings together the most competent firms in Europe. Each ESIA member embodies the alliance’s values of outstanding quality, ethical behaviour, business flexibility and a desire for excellence.

  • The ESIA is uncontestably the European leader in strategic intelligence and has the goal of becoming a global leader in this field.


The ESIA brings together 300 consultants from more than 20 nationalities in 150 countries.
The headquarters of the ESIA is in Paris.

Founding Members

Philippe Caduc


Historical Founding Member and Chairman Intuitu Personae

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Created 20 years ago, ADIT is the French and European leader in strategic intelligence. A pioneer in the field, ADIT is the adviser to top European corporations and international firms. ADIT offers services spanning due diligence, investigations, compliance and risk analysis on a global scale. Its CEO, Philippe Caduc, has strong ties with the managements of the French CAC 40 firms, and leads ADIT with an innovative spirit. ADIT has more than 200 consultants in France and abroad and is also a major global player in the risk analysis and risk control industry.

Nicoletta Grilli

Corporate Risk Watch, founder

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CRW is the leading provider of due diligence and risk analysis services in Italy. Nicoletta Grilli has more than 15 years of experience in these fields and has built up an extensive network in Europe and elsewhere. Formerly at Kroll and the Risk Advisory Group, Nicoletta has experience in financial due diligence and anti-fraud services that makes CRW an important asset for the Alliance.

Andrej Bastar

Brasidas Group AG, co-founder and managing director


Brasidas Group AG is a Swiss-based independent international business intelligence and risk assessment consultancy with offices in Switzerland, the United States, and Serbia.
Brasidas Group (BG) specializes in providing public and private sector clients with business intelligence and risk advisory solutions for effective strategic planning in the international marketplace. We operate discreetly and efficiently through bespoke investigations tailored to clients’ needs, providing services including but not limited to reputational source inquiries; due diligence reporting and fraud investigations; asset tracing; geopolitical and economic risk assessments; market and industry landscaping; and deep data mining.
BG operates on the premise that using only one research approach leads to intelligence failure. Thus, we employ a dynamic combination of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), along with powerful research and analytical methodologies, to reduce uncertainties by providing actionable intelligence to enhance the decision making process. As a global advisory partner, our objective is to identify tomorrow’s international news today and deliver relevant facts that have direct impact on clients’ bottom line.

Andreea Iancu

The Search Group, founder

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Andreea Iancu is a well known expert in due diligence services. Located in Serbia and Hong Kong, the Search Group conducts public records checks and business intelligence in more than 60 countries. It has particularly strong networks in the Balkans and the Asia-Pacific region. The quality of The Search Group’s analysis and its ability to deliver in a timely manner make it a core member of the ESIA team.

Onno van Boven

TGINT, co-founder

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Onno van Boven is the co-founder and managing partner of Triangular Group Information Services and Networking (TGINT), which is the only Dutch-based business intelligence company that helps private sector clients successfully develop business in frontier and emerging markets. TGINT provides solid, reliable, and in-depth (human) intelligence in all sectors that are relevant to their clients. TGINT’s services optimize decision- making processes, allowing its client to make intelligence led, commercial decisions.
Since its inception, TGINT has served a wide range of corporate clients and non-governmental organizations in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Onno is an expert in conflict resolution and his services continue to be requested for government diplomacy initiatives. Onno is particularly well-versed in the social and cultural contexts in the Middle East and Africa.

Filipe Carmo

SANDSTONE SA, co-founder

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SANDSTONE SA is our ESIA partner in Luxembourg, founded in 2008 by senior intelligence and security professionals Frank Schneider, Filipe Carmo and Jed Grant. The creation of SANDSTONE SA was a market response to a growing need in due diligence services, in particular in the financial service industry, which is increasingly operating in geographic areas and economic sectors that require a tailor-made due diligence approach in view of a better risk evaluation and risk mitigation.
SANDSTONE SA provides business intelligence, risk advisory, compliance and integrity support, litigation support and information security advice. Major clients include blue-chip companies, international banks and financial service providers, international organisations, governments, law firms, private individuals and family offices. SANDSTONE SA´s added value lies in particular in a high-end operational approach with a unique pool of investigative resources and a global network of direct human sources and investigation professionals

Associate Members

Mats Björe


Conceptualized in 1999 by Mats Björe, Infosphere AB is a boutique intelligence and advisory firm whose aim is to enable clients to make decisions with greater certainty and precision and to solve problems that fall outside management and organizational resources. Infosphere is a global network of collection nodes with a joint center for analysis and production in Stockholm, Sweden. Infosphere is also co-founder and shareholder of the Intelligence platform Silobreaker Ltd and other information related companies in the USA & the Middle East.

Frank Schurgers


INTEGRIS INTERNATIONAL, founded in 2005 by senior intelligence and security professional Frank Schurgers, is a global intelligence and risk management consultancy. INTEGRIS has built a reputation of supporting clients in the most challenging and complex environments. With offices in Germany and the United States and a global network of trusted and highly experienced operators, sources and contacts, INTEGRIS provides effective solutions in strategic intelligence, counter-espionage, due diligence, global investigations, fraud prevention, crisis management and compliance to clients worldwide. With its unique and truly global capabilities INTEGRIS delivers high-end intelligence, analysis and effective strategies for clients to succeed in today's international business environment.

Dr. Adrian Protogeros

Entreprise Proactive Strategic Intelligence (Cyprus), Co-founder, Managing Partner

Proactive Strategic Intelligence founded in 2002, is a specialized Market, Competitive and Strategic Intelligence services provider. We assist our clients to enforce customer, supplier and collaborator Integrity, achieve Compliance, expose and minimize Risk and apply Effective Tactical and Strategic Decision making. PSI specializes in collecting Primary research results and Hands-on local information, Official documentation and Unofficial intelligence. With offices in the UAE, Cyprus and Greece, we have meticulously established an extensive local language researcher and locally based operatives network, covering over 85 countries in the Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Eurasia and South America. We do Not just provide Data, we offer you Intelligence with our Critical Thinking so you can effectively Interpret what it means for Your Business.


Competitive and strategic intelligence, risk analysis and management, due diligence and compliance services.

  • Competitive and strategic intelligence: A set of tools and methodologies used by a company to research, analyse, understand and monitor the activities, developments and future intentions of the participants in an industry, market or competitor group. Competitive and strategic intelligence use and combine information collected either from searches of published sources or from human intelligence collection (interviews, questionnaires, field research). Strategic and competitive intelligence often require the setting up of a ‘watch’ process, which is a regular, structured programme of market, technology, regulatory or competitor monitoring and reporting.
  • Risk analysis and management: Every company faces potential risks that may impede the development of its activities, damage its image, affect managers’ reputations, or threaten the security of its staff or assets. Risk analysis and management is a business process that aims to:
    • build awareness of risks and educate managers and stakeholders about the reality of them
    • identify and anticipate specific risks for each area of activity
    • take the necessary measures to prevent the risks from becoming reality
    • ensure controls and procedures are in place to mitigate the risks
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance


  • Strategic research and analysis
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Market, competitor, technology watches
  • Image and reputation consulting
  • Compliance solutions
  • Key decision maker network analysis
  • Due diligence services
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Lobbying
  • M&A support
  • Anti-corruption certification
  • Security policy, process and procedures
  • Risk analysis for high-risk countries

Key sectors of competences

Automotive, agribusiness, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals and biotech, defence, energy, environment, finance, information and communication technology, transportation, consumer products, hospitality, business services.

Mission, vision and values


The ESIA's mission is to continually develop its global network, investigative capacities and comprehensive range of services. These will include all of the necessary research, analysis and advisory skills to support our clients with their international operations, anywhere in the world.


Our vision is to develop an alliance that uses multi-disciplinary teams to solve the most demanding and complex business problems anywhere in the world.


Our values are excellence, rigour, teamwork and mutual support among members.


The ESIA was founded in 2012 with the objective of developing a network of European consultancies that could provide excellent and comprehensive support services to European firms that want to develop internationally.

It came together following an informal approach by ADIT to five carefully vetted consultancy firms of high standing from the UK, Italy, Spain and Poland.

The ESIA was launched in December 2013.


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